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What Factors Should Influence Your Choice of Wedding Venue?

The selection of an ideal wedding venue is something that has to be done very carefully if it is to turn out to be worth it. Most people don’t give it much thought, and simply go for solutions that have been tried by family and friends in the past. For instance, if most of your…

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Lowering the Cost of Overseas Destination Weddings

So you want to get married this fall? But have you given a thought to the available abroad wedding destinations? If not, then it is the time you gave the available abroad wedding destinations a consideration. An overseas wedding destination can be cheaper compared to local venues. However, couples thinking about getting married abroad should…

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Planning for Your Wedding Venue

When planning for any wedding, the issue of how you design your wedding venue is one that should never be taken for granted. After going through the paces of figuring out which location to choose, you should also then try to pay attention to the details of how to do the actual design in the…

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Organizing Your Wedding Venue: How to Cater to Kids at Your Wedding

Weddings are normally a family event, and if you are planning one, chances are that your friends and relatives will come with kids. When you are planning for one, it’s therefore important to also give some consideration to them, especially if you know for a fact that there will be many kids around. When you…

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Turning Into a Bridezilla and How to Avoid It

It is very easy to let all this wedding planning get to your head and you may feel the Bride-zilla symptoms slowly creeping upon you! If you’re the type of bride who wants every detail to be perfect, and will do whatever it needs to get there, you need to read this! It is your…

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Selecting Your Wedding Day Colors

Even though it may seem easy, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your big day is what color is perfect for your wedding. Your colors will show up everywhere from your invitations to your favors and every place in between. You and your fiancé may want two different colors, or you may want…

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Must-Haves for Your Cocktail Hour

Many brides go overboard planning their reception, but often overlook the cocktail hour. This leaves guests with a ho-hum experience leading into the reception. Give your guests a cocktail hour they’ll never forget by following these five tips! Must-Have #1: Serve ‘Em Up While having a full open bar can sometimes be a large cost…

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Recreate Your Wedding Reception Space!

You may love the space you’ve selected for your reception, be it indoor, outdoor, in a ballroom or at a museum! But you’ll definitely want to personalize it so that guests will be wowed as they walk in the door, even if they’ve seen the site before! Here are some tricks for spicing up your…

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Personalize Your Wedding Day

With thousands and thousands of weddings taking place every week, you might wonder how yours will stand out from the rest to be a special occasion that your guests will remember. Read on for some advice from our memory makers to personalize your wedding day and truly make it your own! The Name Game One…

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Delicious Wedding Desserts for Your Big Day

Believe it or not, one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding reception doesn’t have to do with the decor, the ceremony, or even the DJ! Recent surveys say that long after the wedding has come and passed, guests remember the food or cuisine much more than other aspects of the big day. With…

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