18 Prospect St
Ridgewood, NJ

Your Landmark Moment

Located in the heart of the historical village of Ridgewood, amenities include critically acclaimed culinary programming, a stunning bridal suite, our signature hospitality and much more…

The Treasury

This neoclassical bank space features marble columns, soaring windows, towering ceilings, and a wraparound mezzanine for cocktail hour. Elements of brass, marble, the iconic Bank Vault Door, and the floating chandelier sculpture combine to impress and delight the senses, promising celebrations never to be forgotten.


200 Guests

Indoor/outdoor ceremony

Indoor Only

Photo Galleries - The Treasury

Amenities at Felina


The ideal place to compose yourself before walking down the aisle. The Bridal Room provides a private room and seating area, as well as amenities for freshening up and toasting with your loved ones before the big moment.

Photo Gallery - Emily & Samuel's Wedding

The sheer beauty and emotion of Emily and Samuel's special day is captured in every single photo. Their ceremony was held in the stunning Treasury room at Felina, and the reception was adorned with the most elegant floral arrangements and enchanting candles. As the night went on, Emily and Samuel danced with their loved ones as the room filled with an indescribable joy that made for a truly unforgettable evening.
Captured by: Asel Kashani Photography

Our History at Felina

Felina is one of New Jersey’s most celebrated restaurants; the creation of a leading restaurant group, Landmark Hospitality. The airy industrial space houses a restaurant that is both sleek and reflective of the restaurants inspired cuisine. The interplay of textures and color bring life and a vibrance that embraces the restaurant’s place in the center of the village of Ridgewood. The design draws inspiration from the former neo-classical bank; high ceilings, exposed brick, well-worn wood, and repurposed steel, ensuring every detail from the ground up has been thoughtfully considered.


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