Wedding FAQ

Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.

What Is Your Reception Pricing?

Our per person reception pricing is entirely dependent on the day of the week, the time of the year, and the time of day. We are happy to quote you for your date. Please consult with your Event Stylist and they will assist you.

What is Landmark’s Transparent Pricing?

Landmark feels that anyone could have the venue of their choice, the wedding of their dreams and at a fair price. Pricing varies according to day of the week and season so anyone who is flexible on dates can be accommodated. Landmark’s menu offerings do not change for any dates and in fact our winter weddings enjoy enhancements.

Does Pricing Vary Significantly Based on Time of Year and Day of the Week?

Yes, and your Event Stylist will provide a comparison of three dates with pricing.

Does Your Reception Pricing Include Sales Tax, Gratuity & Additional Fees?

Our reception pricing does not include sales tax and we do charge a 24% administrative fee. Our upgrades are not inclusive of these fees. Any gratuity you wish to extend is appreciated but not expected.

Are We Able To Remove Items to Reduce Costs?

The menu we provide is one that is necessary to ensure variety for an event such as yours while ensuring an enjoyable experience for all guests. By removing items your guests will simply eat or drink more of what is provided. Therefore, we are firm on providing our full menu and do not offer reduced menus at lower costs.  

Are There Additional Costs?

Yes, the following:

Attendants & Maitre D Fee
Administrative Fee 24%
Sales Tax
Guests Under 21 / Less $10
Children Under 3 / Free
Children Under 12  / $65 (with children’s meal)
Vendor Meals / $60-65

What Are Your Payment Terms?

At Landmark we offer two distinct payment options for your ease. Payments are based on your contract minimum and all final billings (additional guests, vendors, add ons) are due 10 days prior to event.

Payment Option 1
$5,000 Deposit
$5,000 9 Months Prior
50% of Balance 6 Months
90 days 1/3 of Balance
60 days 1/3 of Balance
30 days Payment in Full

Payment Option 2 (if event is 12 months out or greater)
$5,000 Deposit
Equal monthly payments beginning after deposit

When Do I Need To Give My Final Guest Count?

You must guarantee the minimum number of guests with a signed contract. No later than ten (10) days prior to the event, we are to be advised of the exact number of guests to be served. This final guarantee is what you will be charged at regular price. During your event, we will confirm the final guarantee.

Is Having a Daytime Saturday Wedding Advantageous?

Saturday daytime weddings tend to have the best pricing overall. Daytime receptions are 4 hours long.

What Is Your Peak Season & Off-Peak Season?

Here at Landmark, we are unique in that we believe there are three wedding categories within a year. Our premium wedding months are May, June, September and October. Our standard wedding months are April, July, August November and December. Off peak wedding months are January, February and March.

Are There Any Vendors That You Recommend?

We have a list of preferred vendors that can be found on the back of our pamphlet in addition to on our website. These vendors have been vetted, have countless years of experience, and are familiar with all of our venues. Based on experience, we require that DJ’s be selected from this list and all others do require a Certificate of Insurance. Our partnered vendors will bring your vision to reality.

Can I Host A Ceremony Onsite?

Yes, our event spaces can be reserved for weddings with a ceremony and reception or a reception only. We currently do not host ceremony only events.

Without An On-Site Ceremony, What Time Can My Wedding Party & I Arrive?

You and your wedding party can arrive 2 hours prior to your event to enjoy photo opportunities.

Does Your Kitchen Accommodate Allergies & Dietary Restrictions?

We are more than happy to accommodate any allergies or dietary needs. We are proud to be a scratch kitchen so the majority of our menu is gluten free. 

Do You Offer Kosher & Indian Catering?

Yes, we host both Kosher and Indian events. We partner with wonderful professionals that will ensure a flawless event.

Do You Require Entrée Counts In Advance?

No, we do not. We have a full service kitchen that is fully equipped and ready to fulfill all entrée orders at the time of the event. Our Executive Chef and their team can make changes should your guests have any allergies or intolerances.

Do You Offer A Food Tasting?

Yes, we extend a complimentary tasting to our couple plus four additional guests. Tastings are normally scheduled 2 – 3 months in advance.

Is There A Children’s Meal?

Yes, there is a Pre Choice of: Chicken Fingers with French Fries, Pasta with Butter or Marinara Sauce.

Are You Pet Friendly?

We are pet friendly for photos and the ceremony. We do not allow pets at cocktail hour or the reception.

Are There Hotel Accommodations Recommended?

Some of our properties have accomodations onsite (Hotel du Village, Logan Inn and Elkins Estate) and for other venues we have a list of preferred hotels in the area that we have worked closely with for countless years. All hotels offer special accommodations, room block and travel arrangements for you and your guests. This listing will be provided by your Event Stylist.