Landmark Love Story

Thank you, Nikki and Dominic, for choosing Hotel du Village for your #LandmarkLoveStory! Cheers to 4.22.23!

Let’s go back to the beginning… How did you two meet?
Dom and I met in college in the fall of 2013. We both went to American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts on athletic scholarships. He was an incoming hockey freshman, while I was a junior on the lacrosse and volleyball teams. We technically met on his recruiting visit the spring prior, when one of his teammates introduced him to me in the dining hall, and he said he never forgot me. Dom and I started dating in the winter of 2014. Our roommates were going on a date with each other and asked us to double date. They ended up canceling on each other so I asked Dom if he still wanted to go out and he said yes. Since that first date at Panera Bread, we have never stopped hanging out.
So the love of your life popped the question and you said YES – Tell us how it happened!
Dom proposed on October 30th, 2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He took me to a spot of the city that overlooks the entire city skyline. After he proposed, my dad, Dom’s brother, and my four best friends surprised me! They had all traveled from different cities in the US to be there for our big day. After the proposal, we all celebrated!
Once you jumped into wedding planning, what made you choose your Landmark venue?
When searching for a venue, I wanted something that was boutique and had a place for guests to stay onsite. I wanted our wedding to be in a place that made our guests feel like they were on a weekend getaway, not just at our wedding. The way the grounds of Hotel du Village is setup gave me exactly what I wanted. I will never forget the butterflies I felt as we turned onto the long driveway in and all of the landscaping gave me that feeling of escapism. It was exactly what I wanted my guests to feel when they arrived. The Colt Ballroom had the classic timeless look that matched my vision. The black and white tile of the cocktail hour room was iconic. The getting ready room was second to none. But most importantly, the warmth I felt from everyone I met on the property, which I can gladly say carried through the entire experience, made it a no brainer.
What was your favorite part of your wedding day and why?
This is a hard question. Aside from marrying my best friend and being surrounded by my favorite people, a moment I wont forget that stands out to me was after the reception had started, I had just spoken with our amazing Maitre D, Clovis, who had everything under control, and I looked around at how perfect everything had come along and thought, “Wow, we did it, we planned the perfect evening”. So much goes into planning this day and finally seeing all the puzzle pieces come together and realizing all of these decisions you had made, the time and effort put in, finally paid off into an evening that everyone gets to enjoy. I am really thankful for my vendors and Hotel du Village staff for helping me plan this day and be able to have that moment of gratitude, relief, and excitement.
What is the best advice you can give to future brides and grooms?
Do what makes you happy and tune out the noise of others. For some reason, weddings make people crazy and suddenly people want to put their expectations on you. But if you stay true to yourself and what is important to you as a couple for your wedding, it will help you make the right decisions and come out of the planning process with no regrets.
Give a shout out to your vendors that made your day perfect – Event stylist, bridal attendant, florist, photographer, videographer, entertainment, etc.!
My photographer, Mariah Treibor Photography, was absolutely amazing. I had actually not hired her at first because I thought she was out of budget. I went with another photographer but after our engagement shoot, I realized her vision was not the same as mine. Mariah was thankfully still available and worked with me to be within my budget and she was the best decision I made for my wedding. My florist, Branches and Blooms Designs, Kim was incredible. She is humble and does not push you to spend more than you need. She listened, was agile, and worked with me as time went on to create exactly what I wanted while being within my budget. Many florists have a minimum budget they will work with and Kim was always happy to work within mine. Hotel du Village – The staff was incredible from day one. The support they provide on the wedding day is unmatched. The food was amazing and everyone raved about the entire day. Clovis, my Maitre D, was incredible. He had everything under control and always was around to make sure everything was taken care of. I just remember having this feeling of being able to relax everytime I spoke with him. Mary Ellen, my event coordinator, responded to all my questions and emails, helped with special requests, and was so accommodating. I was so thankful for her during the process. Eileen has retired, but wow, did she go above and beyond for me when booking my hotel block and the guest house on the property. She was incredible. Absolutely can’t forget Jimmy, who made sure our stay on the property for the weekend went smooth. Another wonderful person who went above and beyond for us. Agnes, my bridal attendant, she was my best friend for the day. So kind and thought of everything a step ahead. Very grateful for her. My glam team, Glossed Studio, Jillian and Dominique were incredible.