Felina - NOW - Exterior (money shot)

Elevate Your Forever at Felina

Felina is located in Bergen County, NJ, is one of the most unique venues you can come by. Unlike conventional locations, a venue such as Felina provides a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that reflects your personal style and story. Choosing a unique venue for your special day often comes with built-in character and charm, reducing the need for extensive decorations and allowing you to focus on the details that truly matter. Felina has many features that set it apart from generic venues that could bring your big day to the next level and leave your guests in awe.


Downtown Area – Felina is set in the heart of downtown Ridgewood, providing a lively atmosphere for all that visit. Imagine taking couples portraits as you hold hands and cross the street together in the middle of downtown. Adorable!!!

Historic Bank Building – This venue is also a historic bank building, making not only the exterior building something that is unique and architecturally beautiful, but the interior features complement its history as an operating bank. The original bank vault is a highlighted part of the space, and a must-have photo location. Plus, who doesn’t love historic meaning behind your venue that you can share with all your guests!

Mezzanine – Cocktail hour at Felina takes place on the mezzanine that wraps around The Treasury, which is the main reception area. A unique touch and one that also allows for gorgeous photo opportunities. Photographers can capture the reception from above, aesthetic pictures from below, or from the opposite side capturing all the beauty of The Treasury – the possibilities are endless!!

Chandelier – Felina has a style of dramatic art décor and the custom-made chandelier in this space complements that perfectly. It’s a floating chandelier sculpture that spans the entire distance of The Treasury and is sure to impress your guests. Its beauty speaks for itself and is the perfect addition to photos.

Rooftop – Not many venues can say they have a beautiful rooftop for couple’s portraits, but Felina certainly can. The gorgeous rooftop setting is the perfect backdrop for photos. Feel like you’re on top of downtown Ridgewood as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Customizable Reception Space – Although the details of this space make a beautiful statement on their own, they also provide the perfect flexibility to fit any concept. With marble columns, soaring windows, towering ceilings, elements of brass, marble, and white features, it makes a perfect canvas for couples to bring their vision to life. Adorned with pastel florals and greenery during the Spring season, or dressed in black linens with romantic candlelit centerpieces, this space can match any vibe, allowing you to decorate however you’d like, and make it even more unique to you and your love story.


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