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What’s Most Important to You

As a new Bride & Groom, the excitement of planning your special day has just begun! You may find yourself at the beginning phase of your planning looking through all of your magazines, starting your new Pinterest board, and googling the latest trends for weddings.

What I recommend is to STOP & take a step back!!  Evaluate as a couple “What is most important to you both”? Whether it be the Food, Music, special décor, flowers, Venue, etc.… Set up a time together and have FUN with planning every detail as a couple. As you are prioritizing the details that are most important to your special day, keep in mind your overall budget.

Once you have determined the items that are most important to you both, secure those details upfront, along with your Ceremony & Venue location. All of the other secondary details will fall in place as you move along in your planning.

Remember this day is a celebration of your Marriage and you will be starting your lives together as a newly married Couple!! Enjoy every moment.

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