Planning and Outdoor Wedding

New Jersey outdoor wedding venues feature a wider variety of lush battlegrounds, golf courses & clubhouses, impressive garden cocktail hours or rustic receptions, Jersey Shore beach scenes, manors, mountainside resorts, restaurant themed cityscapes and countless picturesque backdrops perfect for creating romantic private ceremonies and classic celebrations depending on your couple style. Many outdoor wedding venues in NJ offer freshly, landscaped designs, and/or newly renovated pavilions which can provide elegant ambiance for enriched beauty and etching a spectacular view for your special event.  

Whether you’re tying the knot amongst the spring blooms, looking to dance the summer night away under the stars, or hope to have sunset colored foliage as the backdrop for your wedding photos, an outdoor wedding in New Jersey can be beyond breathtaking.

Outdoor wedding venues nestled across NJ may accommodate anywhere between 50-500 guests and offer tailor-made menus that will suit the needs of your type of outdoor wedding reception. Your vision may just become a reality with the help of on-site event planning, customizable packages and seasoned staff to complete the ultimate “I DO’ options for the best outdoor wedding venues in NJ.  

The perfect blend of location, hospitality, and classic design ensures that everything will exactly what you dreamed of for an outdoor wedding reception in NJ. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that need to fit perfectly together to pull off a seamless love affair. Always remember just because you may want an outdoor wedding reception in NJ, will not make the wedding planning experience a picnic. 

When you get married at a typical indoor NJ wedding venue, you can check many things off your to-do list in one shot- everything may fall under the umbrella of the wedding venue. For example, you probably won’t have to worry about finding separate vendors to supply the food, tables, chairs, microphones, or cutlery. However, when you decide to plan an outdoor wedding, you’ll have to fil the space with essential details to fit the theme and/or conditions of the weather. 

When it comes to an Outdoor wedding venue in NJ, although there is a style to fit everyone, there is also all four seasons to consider. First thing you want to evaluate is the seasonal experience of your outdoor wedding in NJ. Do you prefer a wintery wonderland of an exquisite mountain estate?  The divine elements of an Autumn Farm meadow? A lively rooftop with city lighting from across the Hudson?  New Jersey has outdoor wedding venues for any style of reception or celebration from historic countryside to the sandy beaches that only exist in your dream wedding.  

However, as most brides-to-be become overwhelmed with images, surrounded by money budgeting, Pinterest ideas, expertly curated social media posts, its easy to fall victim and be influenced by the weddings of others and the picture-perfect vows. It is important to let the reality of the outdoor wedding space to be the foundation of your wedding so you do not get lost in the magic that simply cannot be conjured.  

The downside to the great outdoors is that mother nature rules all. Rain is a possibility, along with snow, extensive heat, and so on. It is imperative to be prepared for the elements of the unknown and all possibilities. Whether you are going casual or formal, renting tents is considered an essential. Most wedding venues offer options which come in all shapes, materials, and sizes to match your décor and theme of any NJ outdoor wedding venue. Having a summer wedding? Bring in fans and portable air conditioning units. If your big day is set for fall or winter, ensure that your guests remain cozy and warm with propane heaters or blankets. Also, in order to save everyone from a very muddy situation, you have to remember to rent a dance floor.

The most important take away when it comes to an outdoor wedding venue in NJ is there is always an opportunity to transform and set the mood, but more importantly be prepared. Each outdoor wedding venue will be able to help you plan accordingly and make sure the only elements you and your guests experience is the love that is in the air!