First look vs. waiting to see one another

When couples get married it used to be tradition to wait to see one another until the ceremony began. Now a lot of brides and grooms are deciding to do what’s called a first look, where they see one another before the ceremony takes place. The bride and groom would pick a setting of their choice as the bride gets ready to surprise her groom and tap him on the shoulder, to then see his priceless expression when he turns around and sees her for the first time.

A lot of couples are deciding to do this for many reasons. It lets them enjoy their cocktail hour by taking pictures in advance prior to the ceremony. This way, they can attend cocktail hour with the rest of their guests. It also helps relieve any nerves that may come with the waiting of seeing one another until they walk down the aisle. Lastly, it gives ample time for the couple to take pictures prior to the cocktail hour of not only themselves but as well as all their family photos.

It is especially beneficial here at the Boathouse at Mercer Lake because of all the beautiful areas there are for pictures. Not only do you have Mercer Lake as your backdrop, but you have the Gazebo at the peninsula, and all the greenery in the park itself.

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