Anyone who has a furry friend knows what a big part they play in one’s life, so why not have them part of your big day! This is a great way to include a unique and personal touch that guests with love. There are so many creative ways to incorporate pets in your wedding that are almost as adorable as the pets themselves.

Signature Drinks Sign: Let’s start with the most common way pets are featured in their owner’s wedding day: signature drinks. Couples who choose to highlight their favorite drinks at the bar of the reception often name those drinks after their pets and even put photos of their faces on the sign to show them some love.

Wedding favors: This is an adorable way to add a personal touch to the favors and include your pet, it’s a win-win! Creating a sticker of their picture or getting a graphic of them on the favor is such a precious and subtle way to show off your furry friend.

On the cake: Some couples get figurines of themselves to put on their wedding cake, other couples do the same, but of their pet instead! This is a great option for adding some creativity and personalization to your cake. Scrape out some of the cake next to the figurine to make it look like your pet took a bite out of it and you’ll be sure to have your guests laughing and loving it!

Picture Frame: Feature your pet in a very simple way by including a framed photo of them on one of the main tables at the wedding. Everyone will appreciate seeing a furry face as they walk to their seat. Another option is to go the extra mile of photoshopping them into the ceremony set up!

Welcome Sign: A very creative way of showing guests how important your furry friends are! Including them on your wedding sign, especially with the title “Welcome to our Parents’ Wedding” is such a nice tribute to the pets who cannot be in attendance.

Napkin: Having your pet’s face printed on a napkin is a great way to include them. People will love to see these at the bar area, and it’s a perfect way to allow your pet to *cheers* everyone from afar.

Photos: If your pets are able to attend the wedding, or at least be at the venue for a short while, having photos taken of you and your pet is the most memorable way to include them. They will love seeing their owners all dressed up, and many couples even choose to have their pets to get dressed up as well! Whether it’s a little bowtie or mini tux for them to wear, they will be photo-ready and happy as can be!