Wedding planning is notorious for being one of the most stressful and overwhelming tasks, but there are ways to simplify and make it easier on yourself. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan your dream wedding with ease:

Stay Organized- Organization is a crucial part that can make or break wedding planning. Having a designated binder or folder for all wedding information and papers can be extremely helpful to know where everything is and keep it all in one place. This ensures that you are ready to go at any moment and spend less time searching for misplaced documents.

Create a Checklist- A checklist is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you stay organized and focused. Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do next after completing a task? A well-structured timeline or checklist can assist you tremendously in these situations. This will help you stay on track and visualize all the tasks that need to be completed before the big day.

Prioritize- Within that checklist you created, it’s essential to prioritize. Take time to sit down with your significant other and discuss the aspects of the wedding that are most important to both of you, then make sure they are placed at the top of your list. It is important to give yourself ample time for certain wedding planning tasks (especially the most important ones) to avoid stressing and scrambling at the last minute.

Book Vendors Right After the Venue- Vendors should be one of the top priorities after booking your venue. These professionals are in high demand and often have a busy schedule, so it is essential to reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure their availability on your desired date. By doing so, you can secure the services of your preferred vendors and avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Utilize Friends and Family- It’s important to lean on your loved ones in stressful times. Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most exciting events for those closest to you and many of them would be honored to help with planning! Learning to rely on your friends and family for some of the more straightforward tasks will help take a heavy weight off your shoulders and lower your stress level, while also allowing you to focus more time on the more significant aspects of your big day.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- Remember the big picture: you are about to marry the love of your life, and that is what this day is truly all about! It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the details, but it’s important to sit back and remember that at the end of the day you are marrying the person you love and that everything else will fall into place!