Hotel du Village goes above and beyond in providing a truly exceptional bridal suite experience. Not only does this wedding venue offer the convenience of having a bridal suite, it takes it to the next level with its spacious and luxurious area for brides. Stunning chandeliers and numerous photo-worthy locations are just the start of what makes this room so special. Every aspect of this bridal suite has been carefully crafted and designed to cater to all necessary bridal needs. Multiple hair and makeup stations are readily available, ensuring that your team can effortlessly prepare for the big day ahead. Meanwhile, those who are waiting can relax and unwind on the comfortable couches and soak in every ounce of the exciting day. Use our full-length mirror to make any last-minute touches and see your final look before heading down the aisle! This bridal suite has everything you need for you and your bridal party to get ready from start to finish.

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