Planning an Indian Wedding in New Jersey requires a bit more energy than most, modern-day weddings. First off, brides-to-be are not just planning for one reception event, many Indian Weddings need to reflect a complete cultural experience with a multitude of grand customs and events taking place over numerous days- usually with an above-average guest list.

Wedding venues in NJ must be able to accommodate a variety of intricate décor, customs, traditions, dancing, and ornately embellished costume changes throughout the course of the wedding.

However, any Indian wedding enthusiast understands the importance of draping vibrant Indian influence among contemporary structures and banquet halls in NJ. Blending the classic American vibe with old-world elegance will make for the most magical Indian wedding. For example, Indian wedding dresses usually focus on a modern, yet stylish twist inspired by luxurious Indian fabrics and color palettes, but many brides often incorporate Indian infused costumes and sarees.

If you are a bride just beginning the wedding planning process, here are some helpful “I Dos’ to help you tie the knot.

Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

It may be best to hire a wedding planner who specializes in Indian weddings or has the experience/understanding on how to guide you in selecting the best NJ wedding decorators, the wedding banquet halls and venues with views, the very best wedding photographers who know how to capture the important highlights and moments throughout the celebration, of course, the DJs who lead your guests in dancing the nights away by mixing the right beats to set every mood of the party. When it comes to Indian weddings in NJ of grand proportions, there’s no substitute for an Indian wedding planner. Brides and grooms can always add DIY elements and their own personalized charm to ensure the wedding is a unique, intimate success that reflects their love, even on the largest of scales. Indian wedding planners will provide you with the direction in selecting catering, florals, seating arrangements, vendors and more which can allow you to fully enjoy your Indian wedding in NJ.

An Informal Walk-Through

Since Indian weddings in NJ often run as ‘wedding weekends’, it is highly recommended to run through everything from the various ceremonies to the dress and hair changes at least once. Time is of the essence even if your average wedding lasts approximately 4 hours, with all of the fixings of an Indian wedding there is a lot to account for when it comes to time management.

It’s a Numbers Game

Not only does every bride need to plan their wedding with a budget in mind, but Indian wedding venues in NJ also need to be able to hold the number of guests for the duration of the celebration. Most brides spend countless hours researching details like flowers and spend frivolously on the things that many deem to be the most fun aspect of planning their dream wedding. It is more important to focus on the budgeting of the wedding venue and what each banquet hall offers as a way to package all of the events throughout the course of the weekend. Remember, you are spending much more on things like event space, catering and other vendors simply because of the duration of the weekend. It all comes down to execution and having an eye for the details of each Indian wedding venue in NJ.

Indian Cuisine from NJ Indian Wedding Venues & Caterers

So many of your loved ones will be expecting Indian cuisine at your wedding, but serving the same food-style over the course of a multi-day party can get redundant and boring quickly. Some ideas would be to bring about other Mediterranean or other Asian dishes. Fusion meals are always an enticing option, blending spices of Indian cuisine with other cultures like Mex-Indians or Thai-Indian curry- YUMMY! And since the brides and grooms of an Indian wedding are constantly on the go, it is important to fuel up on all your favorite creations.

NJ DJs at an Indian Wedding

The three major entrances and exits within an Indian wedding are the entry of the wedding party, pheras, bidai, reception entrance— but the list goes on and on. If you want all of your special moments to play out with a certain vibe, it is best to discuss the playlist and specific songs and clips to be projected at every stage of the event.