The Manhattan skyline in New York City is arguably one of the most famous and spectacular in all of the world, but you can’t visually see that view from inside the Empire Capital. Since you can view the skyline from several other locations along the coasts of NJ; like the industrial wedding venues outlining the Hudson River or the waterfront piers of the New Jersey shore, there are countless wedding venues with these astonishing views to choose from…

There is nothing like an NYC skyline view from across the Hudson. Is there anything more glamourous than the twinkling lights illuminating from across the waters setting the stage for your dream wedding?

NJ wedding venues with views of NYC are extremely popular among brides and grooms who desire opulence with an urban twist. With more breathtaking scenes of a cityscape than Manhattan could ever offer from the inside, there’s a multitude of NJ wedding venues with magical views of NYC from their balconies, outdoor terraces, windowed ballrooms, bridal suites and more. An impressive glimpse of the divine city that doesn’t sleep adds a special touch that simply cannot be overlooked by any tri-state couple from any angle reflecting over river.

Growing up with NYC at our fingertips, it only makes sense to want to recreate the same allure with your wedding venue and adding ambiance of the concrete jungle only accentuates the romantic vibe.  And of course, there’s the little tidbit that New Jersey wedding venues tend to be a little more affordable than NYC ones offering similar elements. Dazzling outdoor lounges all insight of NYC landmarks will intensify the luxury and flare of the evening throughout your photography, which will be framed by towering, glimmering skyscrapers and radiant lighting. Remember these are the views sought after by patrons from all over the world, not just in NJ/NYC, so of course your guests will appreciate the experience that each one of these wedding venues can provide.

NJ wedding venues with views of NYC also establish the drama and beauty with unique color schemes and grand reception rooms for your guests to celebrate and dance the night away. The idea behind this type of a wedding venue is it reflects a lifestyle, not just a day of wedded bliss. Besides how can any NJ couple who is planning their wedding in the tri-state area not have the NYC skyline brought up in conversation?  With all of the distinct types of weddings that NJ can cater too, weddings with views of NYC are always top of the list and worth looking into.

Whether opting for an elegant, yacht style dinner cruise or modern architecture and décor, the panoramic scope of the Big Apple is not the only highlight that these wedding venues in NJ can offer.

Majority of these NJ based wedding venues provide award-winning farm-to-table, decadent cuisines, specialty hand crafted cocktails and metropolitan-style, lavish grounds which all border around the coastline with NYC as the ultimate backdrop for your ceremony or reception and creating memories sweeter than the icing on your tier-ed wedding cake!

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