Mazel Tov! The importance of keeping it Kosher when it comes to planning your traditional Jewish wedding mainly depends on your beliefs or how strict the dietary requirements may be for your family or the majority of your loved ones and guests. It is more than fair to say that catering plays one of the biggest and most essential parts of your dream wedding. Catering is also one of the main and largest expenses for the occasion. Kosher wedding venues in NJ, or Kosher catering, will be a unique reflection of the guests’ experience of the big day! After all, well-fed guests equal happy guests. And happy guests make for an unforgettable Kosher wedding in NJ.

Also, something to note is that culturally speaking, the kosher diet promotes good circulation between soul and body. If this is true of every meal, how much more so for a wedding meal? The holiness of a wedding can be captured only by food that is holy.

There are several kosher wedding venues in New Jersey that pride themselves on their in-house Kosher catering menu or have a preferred partnership with Kosher caterers in NJ who are already familiar with the wedding reception venue’s kitchen. When it comes to Kosher weddings in NJ, most often the connection is directly between the couple and the Kosher caterer as opposed to the relationship with the venue. This is definitely something to consider and address with your selected Kosher-themed wedding venue in NJ- especially since the standard of keeping it Kosher may vary from household to household.

If your wedding venue does not have a separate catering facility, the kosher caterer will typically review the kitchen in advance to prepare for sterilization so it confirms with the proper kosher regulations of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). Since one of the key elements of Kosher dining is to not mix meat or dairy, the catering staff of the venue will be required to only use the food products or utensils which have been supervised by the appointed rabbi. More often than not, Kosher caterers will also need to bring in and use all their own equipment as they are unable to use the equipment at a non-Kosher venue. Kosher meals are more expensive than other meals partly because of the additional supervision enforced.

However, when it comes to selecting a Kosher wedding venue in NJ, there will be a meat kitchen that is completely separate from the dairy kitchen- providing ‘non-offensive’ (which includes more options for all types of guests) catering without a ton of legwork or sacrificing the style and ambiance of the event.

When it comes to planning a formal Jewish wedding, whether you select a Kosher wedding venue in NJ or not, as a bride and groom, you will always be faced with challenges to keep the Religious observances, cultural nuances, and unique wedding themes streamlined. Choosing a Kosher wedding venue will help to alleviate those concerns and will also help to guide you both in the direction for designing a classically, ancestral wedding event and an opportunity to expand your network for your guests!

Cocktail Hour Tip

When it comes to the cocktail hour for a Kosher wedding in NJ, it is key to focus on the wine you will be serving.  There are several delicious kosher wines available on the market or perhaps that the kosher wedding venue offers in-house. Perhaps, think of setting up a small wine tasting for your guests to indulge in at your reception during the cocktail hour for a fun treat. Remember, the blessing over the wine is recited as two glasses of wine are poured together into a third, symbolizing the creation of a new life together with a new marriage closing out the ceremony. Therefore, wine is important and KOSHER!