Thinking about sharing your ‘I dos’ against the backdrop of oceanfront strands, the subtle sounds of rippling waves, and Atlantic blue waters flowing out to the horizon? Want that bay breeze or boardwalk view?

You do not even need to be a NJ resident nor do you need to consider the inconvenience of destination nuptials to achieve your beachy vision. It is more than possible to plan a spectacular wedding day close to home.

There’s absolutely no need to travel to The Caribbean or other islands for your beach wedding experience when you’ve got the magnificent Jersey Shore in our own backyard. And with beach wedding venues in NJ ranging from casual and fun to dignified and formal, you’ll truly find the perfect setting for your Jersey beach wedding

When you think of a beach wedding in NJ, nothing beats the feeling of your barefoot toes in the sands of the Jersey Shore. New Jersey beach wedding ceremonies traditionally include wedding arches, seashell details, and the salty breeze in the air, guaranteed to make waves for your vows and the reception.  Choices include both quaint and historic venues that highlight the NJ beach area’s serene natural landscapes, and modern event spaces that tap the Shore’s vibrant culture and nightlife topping the celebration. Whether you are going the route of vintage-Boho, nautical grace & pier elegance or Boardwalk-chic, there is always a way to pull together that seaside charm for an affordable beach wedding in NJ. With countless beach wedding venues in NJ across the shoreline to choose from, the first step is selecting the right NJ beach town which suits your wedding vibe.

Since the Garden State is best known for its stream of coastal venues and ocean views, it is important to research which towns offer the best beach wedding locations, the most to-dos or places to stay for your guests as well- especially during the off-season. Renting a beach house for weddings in NJ can often be a part of the package, or, of course, there is always romantic options to stay in any one of the dozens of beautiful waterfront hotel properties.  Also, various beaches may have different sets of local rules and information requiring permits or regulations which may be a process. Many people do not realize this initially when they begin planning for a beach wedding in NJ.

Checkout Some Helpful Jersey Shore Beach Rules and Info HERE:

*Some towns, such as Cape May, allow you to hold your beach wedding without a permit, while others, such as Atlantic City, require you to purchase a permit.

The time of year and is also something to consider when choosing beach wedding venues in NJ. Many couples want to avoid the severe heat or humidity, Jersey Shore traffic or even upcharges due to the high-volume of their busy season. Many beach wedding venues in NJ provide stunning, weather inclusive patios and areas overlooking the beach in the Spring/Fall, and potentially even Winter months.

NJ Beach Wedding Tip:

When a beach wedding is tastefully executed, these accents make the ultimate addition to any harborside party. Some of the beachy ideas traditionally include:

  • Decor consisting of colorful shells, sand dollars or starfish
  • Tropical flowers & beach scented candles
  • Magical sunset portraits by the bay
  • Handheld fans and bottled water for guests
  • Flip flops for the wedding party or guests
  • Polished but playful family and bridal party photos along the sandy beaches

Beach weddings in Cape May and Ocean City often provide the most popular and preferred avenue for an ideal blend of old-glamour and natural beauty. Both family themed escapes, many of the venues offer a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere for either the ceremony and the banquet hall. Nj beach wedding venues may be local alternatives, but its still a getaway for your loved ones making it an affair your guests will never forget!