When it comes to wedding venues in New Jersey, bigger doesn’t always mean better- especially if your dream wedding falls under the category of a ‘small wedding’. By definition, small wedding venue’s average room size holds about 50 or fewer guests, but small wedding venues in NJ tend to hold closer to 135-150 guests. That’s right. Go figure. Weddings in the Tri-state area happen to be a little larger than the rest of the country. However, if you are a bride and groom who are looking for that intimate experience, there are small wedding venues for you in South Jersey and all over the Garden State designed for your exclusive affair.

Blinged-out, ‘Jerseylicious’ opulence or venetian style grandiose may not be everyone’s ultimate version of ‘I DO”. Perhaps eloping is a better fit for you rather than the more traditional route? Or maybe you just have a really small family? Money could also be an obstacle since banquets and venues in New Jersey mostly cater to bigger events. What if this is your second time around at love, and getting married is not all about the attention and fanfare? There are countless reasons why you may be considering a small wedding in NJ. Never be discouraged because NJ has plenty of options for small wedding venues.

For many New Jersey based wedding planners, prepping for a small wedding is there favorite… Why you ask? Because all the romance lies in the detail. Everything is much more personal and shared with a selected group of loved ones. This helps to create a meaningful and memorable vision for the couple and their guests. One way of looking at your guest list is the are the A-list celebrities. This will keep budgeting costs down and make some of the other decisions much more manageable.

Another great thing about small wedding venues in NJ is nature does most of the decorating for you. Nature views set the tone and the ambiance for the entire nuptials from the ceremony to the reception. For example, a celebration on the beach or in a cool, industrial space requires very little décor—which means very little effort when it comes to selecting, purchasing, or DIY-ing your garnishing.

One piece of advice is to embrace the ‘all-inclusive’. For maximum simplicity, wedding venues in NJ with all-inclusive packages provide a ton of unique amenities and services in addition to the event spaces, like on-site coordination, catering, alcohol, staff, rentals, cake, guest accommodations, and more. When it comes to small wedding venues in NJ many banquet halls are a one-stop-shop meaning they aren’t like other wedding venues in NJ where they work with a variety of out-sourced vendors to cater to your every desire. Most small wedding venues are family-owned and are able to keep everything in-house so to speak.

Another great bridal tip: Do not compare your small wedding venue in NJ to a large wedding venue in NJ. Weddings are not a competition but a reflection of how special your love as a couple is. Just because you’ve spent years of your adolescence pinning ideas to storyboards and crafting some unrealistic idea of what everyone thinks your wedding should look like, doesn’t mean it’s right for you or that your wedding isn’t worthy. If your top priority is keeping your wedding understated or personal, don’t play the comparison game and let other’s influence your design—it’s the easiest way to entangle yourself with things that don’t matter.

Always remember when it comes to planning a small wedding in NJ, the party is as uncomplicated as you make it, but no amount of planning (or stressing!) can prevent things from going a little astray from the timeline. Stay positive, breathe deeply, and remember your new life and the next chapter is what matters the most! Bridezilla? More like bridechilla! Small weddings for the WIN!