Alexis and Brian got married on April 20th, 2023 at the stunning Hudson House. There was so much love and beauty that poured into this day, making it as magical as could be. Alexis made her final touches of getting ready in the Grand Suite before she made her debut down the aisle, which was followed by their ceremony in the Grand Ballroom. The ceremony included the most breathtaking details to represent modern elegance. Afterwards, they made their big entrance as the new Mr. & Mrs. and headed straight to the dance floor. It wasn’t long before Alexis made her appearance in her gorgeous second dress, followed by a choreographed dance for guests to enjoy. It was rare to find this couple anywhere but the dance floor celebrating their love and future together. The huge smiles on their faces throughout their big day shows what a special pair Alexis and Brian are, and what a happily ever after they will have.

Photos by: Maria B. Lung