Answering the call for unique corporate event spaces

An evolution in the quest for unique event and meeting spaces has taken the corporate event world by storm.  Meeting and Event planners are on the hunt and Landmark Hospitality is responding with an portfolio of historic and non-traditional venues offering scenic views, nature-inspired settings and diverse space to help promote creativity and memorable experiences for our corporate event guests. 

People don’t just want a unique experience — they expect it in today’s event world and it’s a trend we cannot ignore. Our clients are meeting that need working hand-in-hand with our professional event planners who customize and personalize each and every program that we welcome through our doors.

Flexible and unique meeting spaces are more in-demand than ever because many attendees are embracing nontraditional meeting and conference formats. Rather than using the usual lecture-type format, some conferences are experimenting with an “un-conference” meeting style, which empowers participants to set the agenda and topics themselves. These more collaborative settings usually require flexible space that can be configured in different ways and in more informal settings to boost communication. Collaborative spaces outside of meeting rooms are also becoming increasingly important, and more attendees are looking for ways to network and collaborate in informal spaces.

Booking a unique venue for your event requires going outside your comfort zone, however it’s well worth the effort. Landmark Hospitality’s keystone to our mission statement is to make memories. The first step to achieving this for your event is holding your event in a nontraditional space for a memorable experience.

Through customization of the spaces, our farm to table food philosophy and strong customer focus Landmark Hospitality is not on following the trends, we are setting them!

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