In the heart of Ridgewood, NJ, love rose above all as Vartika and Kyle said their vows and became husband and wife. This enchanting event showcased the perfect blend of romance and style, leaving everyone in awe of its beauty and sophistication. Felina Ridgewood, known for its timeless charm and exquisite ambiance, provided the ideal setting for Vartika and Kyle’s dream wedding.

Soft pastel colors, including blush pink, greenery, and lavender, adorned every corner, complimenting the shining chandelier above beautifully and creating an atmosphere of contemporary elegance. The florals mirrored this color palette, bringing a bright and airy feel to the space and enhancing its beauty. Between the balance in the colors and the spacious contemporary room, their ceremony could not have been more stunning.

Felina Ridgewood’s modern chic elements paired perfectly with this setup and brought their vision to life. With its elegant décor and charming atmosphere, the celebration flawlessly reflected the love story of Vartika and Kyle. It was a day filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories with the backdrop of such an iconic venue.